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Welcome to My Personal Muse!

This is about YOU….invest in Self

Sandra Alexcae; a Spiritual Coach, Numerologist, Astrologer and Muse offers guidance so YOU are more conscious of what is happening in your world and can make deliberate intentions,  decisions and choices that will give your forward momentum.

  • Natal Chart

  • Natal Report

  • Transit Report 

  • Solar Report

  • Personalized Past Life Report

  • Personalized Nodal/ Eclipse Reports 

  • Know what your personal cycle and transits are

  • Reinventing Self

  • What’s next?

  • Awakening allows you to find your purpose

  • Based on Knowing Yourself- career choices and career changes

  • Why AM I here

  • Past lives – who and the what and why?

  • Shadow work and releasing sabotaging patterns

  • Relationship challenges

  • How to raise your vibration and attract your intentions into your life

  • Life after retirement

               NEW  -  Exciting and easy to

                order your Personal Destiny Profile – everyone likes to know about SELF - Your BIRTH CARD determines your Life Path in this ancient system, and that path reveals where you are in time at any given moment.

Timely and practical Personal Reports and Profiles pertaining to events and experiences you are currently going through and what to expect in the future. 

Simply contact , and we will email the report/profile of your choice

  • Destiny Report

  • Lovers Profile

  • Find Money & Success Report

  • Find Love Report

  • Business Associate Report

  • Friends & Family Report 

“Know Thyself” -Delphic Maxim

“To Thine Own Self Be True” -Polonis in Hamlet  

Alexcae Sandra Moren

Skype: alexcae.sandra.moren

403-702-1664 or  206-567-2612 

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