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Welcome to “the Muse” Come and Play – A Life Game Changer


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Sandra Alexcae Moren

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Welcome to My Personal MuseSandra Alexcae Moren
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Metamorphosis the “magic of life” is the process of change that ensures
growth and allows us to shed the old before we come into the new.

1. Are you struggling to manifest your intentions – financially, career, health, relationships?

2. Are you someone who has everything you thought you wanted – money, home, job, but still feel a sense of sadness?

3. Do you dare to dream and set goals, or have you become complacent and indifferent?

Transformation through Self Discovery – have fun getting your wings! The soul is attempting to authentically express itself as creatively as possible and once understood, you can raise your frequency and consciousness; the key to Self-Mastery. Your life will start to change internally and externally; YOU will attract opportunities and possibilities resulting in peace, meaning, purpose and abundance. The 1st relationship is to “Know Thyself” and “To Thine Own Self Be True”. A unique personal process to assist you finding out where you are NOW in your Personal Life and Business Life; and where you would like to be. Identifying your personal Universal Cycle and your Purpose is very exciting and gives you forward momentum.  When YOU recognize and embrace your Divinity YOU will live authentic lives of high energy, appreciation, potential, fulfillment and Grace.

To everything there is a time and a season
Seasons and cycles are all part of nature
All of creation is in a constant state of change

The cosmic energies, planetary movements, lunar cycles, solstices and the

equinoxes are all-natural phenomena

Alexcae Sandra Moren

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