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According to the Divine Concept, we exist within a field of consciousness of pure energy and Light.

YOU are a unique and beautiful light and I am your messenger to assist you in your Soul evolution, raising your frequency, activating your Energy Signature to discover your purpose, fulfillment and have your life expand to it’s full potential.

New Session Fees: 

As we are moving into the beautiful Aquarian Energy; the planet Uranus “awakens” and we move into a humanitarian, yet intellect energy wherein we BECOME responsible, self-sufficient souls finding our Purpose and entering Energetic Interdependent Relationship experiences. YOU can embrace YOUR inward SOUL Journey through exploring your Natal Astrology Chart, Transits, Energetic Signature, and Numerology Imprint, YOU ASPIRE to Integrate your Inner Compass, your “KNOWING”, and your inner guidance. As YOU “align with the Divine” fulfilling your SOUL PROMISE, DESTINY, DHARMA, PURPOSE, and MISSION – you will experience renewed ENERGY, a ZEST for life, a PASSION for living and improved Mind, Body and Spirit HEALTH. I use Zoom and send you the recording.  


  • ½ hour ‘tapas” session (fun to get the feel of the experience) $60.00


  • Basic Natal Chart 1 hour Session $200.00

  • Basic Natal Chart with Transits 1.5 hour Session  $250.00

  • Basic Natal Chart with Numerology 1.5 hours $250.00 

  • Basic Natal Chart with Numerology and Transits 2 hours $300.00

  • Personal Natal Chart & Past Life Nodal/Dharma 2 Hours $350.00  

  • Now we are OPEN – Home/Office Parties are FUN – ladies get together usually 8 to 10 ladies and I do a 30 minute session privately for each person. The host gets a $250.00 “Destiny with Nodal Axis” session free for hosting and organizing. Contact me at 



  • Available for a 3 (weekly sessions) month COACHING PROGRAM for serious Soul Work, shadow work, identifying patterns, and making behavioral changes. Contact me at 


  • Zoom Classes will be available as part of my life’s work is to facilitate classes that inspire YOU to be able to understand Universal Cycles. One of the 1st classes I will be offering is to assist you in understanding YOUR Basic Natal Astrology Chart and the effects of the “New Moon and “Full Moon”. THEN what to RELEASE on a Full Moon (depending on the house it is shining down on) and How to SET INTENTIONS/INVOCATIONS on a New Moon (depending on the house it is shining down on). Zoom Classes and 8 individuals in a session. I will be advertising the dates. You may contact me if interested 


Consider subscribing to the YouTube Channel GameChangerGameOn – watch the many interviews I do to SHOWCASE Souls I collaborate with and SHARE their unique GIFTS - Spiritual Healers, Coaches, Game Changers, Tarot Readers, etc. Integrating all gifts for a Holistic Approach to Self-Discovery. With Intuitive Insights and Holding Sacred Space for the Soul, YOU can move through the challenges/lessons in your life with GRACE and EASE.  

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