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I am here to assist you on creating a life of love and harmony through honoring the Divine Spark in  YOU
Sandra Alexcae Moren, B.Ed. (minor in psychology), a Mystical Muse is a colorful, passionate, and insightful author, Cosmetologist, Master Judge with the Canadian Judges Program, Member of ISAR (Consulting Skills and Ethics) businessperson, OPA/Organization of Professional Astrology and member of Canadian Astrology Association/ Astrologers Canada, teacher, spiritual /business coach, and professional speaker/workshop facilitator with 50 + plus years of working with individuals and groups. Sandra is available for Spa & Salon Consultancy. Her authenticity, inspirational and intuitive approach is complemented by her ability to cut through to the truth of the matter without worrying about what you think of her. Highly intuitive; born “with a veil, a Caulbearer”, she uses her gift of “Claircognizance” - “clear knowing” - to assist individuals to integrate their non-physical reality with physical practicality. Truth, wisdom and transformation are what she is all about; with a passion and enthusiasm for life, living her purpose of assisting others on their personal journeys. Living and working abroad, Sandra has a Universal connection with many “Souls” that she keeps connected with.



The top of the 8 is the nonphysical/spiritual aspect of Self –
while the bottom part of the 8 is practical/physical aspect of
Self. Our Spiritual Evolution/Ascension Process involves
aligning the Spiritual a
spect of Self with the Physical
aspect of Self.
“As Above, So Below” Emerald Tablet
Finding out your Soul Purpose, starts with transformation through Self-

Discovery like the butterfly.

The quote: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting
different results". If you want different results, you have to try different


Are YOU ready to “Wake Up” to Who YOU Really Are? Are you ready to CHANGE



To Maximize your results, we move from confusion to clarity to illumination. Consciously Co-Create your life through awakening to your Divine Blueprint. In my creative and unique process, I integrate the following Self Discovery Tools to help reveal your Authentic Self, Your Cycles, Your Purpose and how your life is Unfolding NOW. Finding practical solutions to shift and transform your life, finding Purpose and Meaning.


  • Integration and synthesis of Numerology, Astrology,  Galactic Signature - Soul Contracts 

  • Unique for YOU - my Unique Intuitive Metamorphic process. I use the Transpersonal Planets, Stelliums, Interceptions, Out of Bounds Planets, Nodal Axis and transits in the Natal Chart

The body is a unified energy field: an integrated whole where Body, Mind

and Spirit are one.

nonphysical reality


physical practicality

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