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It has been one of my greatest experiences being able to work along side
Sandra Alexcae Moren.  I had the privilege of working closely with her at
the Calgary Board of Education - Career and Technology Centre. Sandra is
the most engaging and transformational teacher I have ever worked with.
Her ability to have students critically engaged in classroom and community
emphasizes the value she holds in students’ learning, increasing the
likelihood that they will use the knowledge and skills they build in the
service of others whether it be in their occupation, personal and social
lives. Educators like Sandra who encourage critical engagement help
prepare students to recognize their ability, accountability and
resourcefulness to perfect their skills to be successful. Sandra's students
have won competitions, awards, and accolades because of her skilled
guidance. In many classes Sandra became a story weaver, intertwining her
life experiences and journeys to enhance the classroom dynamics- she is
dramatic and a truth teller - she will make it happen with you and for you!
This lady is amazing!

-Jodi-Lee Silliker-Nordquist  
Calgary Board of Education


I had heard about Sandra through a mutual friend whose judgment I
trusted. I immediately checked out her YouTube channel and was
thoroughly impressed and resonated with her metaphysical outlook.
My wife and I did a couples reading in 2021, followed by individual
readings for each of us. In the time we spent with Sandra it was
obvious that she was reading my soul’s blueprint! I had spent my
adult life serving my students as a full-time teacher, however, now it
was time to serve others on an entirely different level, to help people
find their self-worth, their process of discovery and self-actualization
through multiple modalities.
Since then, I’ve completed my training as a Reiki Master and certified
Sound Healer, combining these with an already established Intuitive
Counseling practice, to better serve my clients. The future is wide
open to possibilities. Sandra helped me realize that everything that is
beneficial for me, and those I serve, already exists within me, and
expands through me. For that I am eternally grateful!

-Nick Carbuto New York



"Sandra shared her gift and revealed insights into my life and process that
will benefit me immensely. Seeing the bigger picture on such a vast scale was both insightful and inspiring and thanks to her, my life has new meaning. I will be eternally grateful to her for that!"

 -Andy Humphrey 



I had my astrology chart, along with numerology and with a blend of some
Gene Keys. It was a great experience; Sandra took the extra time to
explain. It is a “tool” everyone should use to chart their life – and find their
purpose. Thank You

 -Richard Ehret

Finally a spiritual coach who has the gift in simplying and communicating information in an intelligible way.

Sandra was precise in her insights concerning past and present, and gave me great insight around future influences and opportunities.

She is someone who clearly cares and wants to help inspire others be the best version of themselves.

Anyone looking for guidance during these transformative times should book a personal session with Sandra

 -Dimitra Tzanos


Sandra or Alexcae, as I know her, is a variable soul for whom I have known for some time. I appreciate her otherworldly connection to those arenas which speak volumes in why we exist.

She recently did a reading for my firstborn grandson, who by all accounts is whip smart and wise beyond his 7 years.

When he was less than a year old; my daughter, husband and I had the unique and astonishing opportunity  to see Orbs floating all around him for several nights while he slept.

I showed Alexcae the video and she wasn’t surprised, stating that she needed to do his chart. 

The zoom astrological-reading was spot on and my grandson, Ruke, appeared engaged enjoying his special reading.

I highly recommend Alexcae’s intuitive zoom readings. She is well-versed in the astrological and spiritual realm providing an excellent resource in learning about our present and future nature.  Assisting us in expanding consciousness while providing a well rounded picture of our potential.

-Margaret Ruelke -RN/Behavioral Health Responder


It was such an honor to meet with you and share this time. I feel such a connection to you. The reading helped me understand so much of what has happened in my life and what I am currently doing and why. WOW!! I’m still processing.

-Kath, New York


Sandra!!  I know that I speak for Judy in saying THANK YOU for meeting us here in this moment to remind of us who we are, where we came from and what our purpose is for the remainder of our time in this incarnation!  You are a special special soul!! 

 -Nick Carbuto, New York



"Buyer beware! If you sign up to work with Sandra you better be ready for some major shake ups and new initiatives you will undertake. Sandra has a vast knowledge of astrology and her intuition about the life stages we are moving through at any time are spot on. She goes into great detail to help us understand our cycles within the great cosmos and provides practical down to earth spiritual insight. She cares deeply about people, but also knows when fierce love is needed."

-Matthew Ashdown

I have been blessed to have the smartest, strongest, most beautiful women in my life; Sandra being a pinnacle. 10 years ago to the day I met a wild woman with flowing blond hair, the brightest lipstick you'd ever seen and the most intense energy you will ever experience. I'd heard of this woman, but I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Anytime I heard her name it was usually followed with something like..  "Oh, what's that crazy lady up to now?" or "She's wild, you would love her!". Sometimes I’d see smirks from anyone who heard her name. Even though we met through a loss, we immediately connected! What I didn't realize was, I was about to start a new journey with this wild Gypsy and my life as I knew it, changed forever.

Sandra has ALWAYS been honest with me, she has never refrained from telling me the truth even if hurt my feelings because what are feelings anyway?? Ego.  Sandy has helped me let go of my ego and trust the divine. As I  reflect on the past decade, I could not imagine how I would have made it through without her friendship, her support, her honesty. She is an ass-kicker who doesn't lie, with heart of gold but isn't afraid to slap the sh*t out of you. :D. Sandra has taught me to see beyond what I want to see, get real and wake up. Most importantly she's helped me go deep within and face EVERYTHING I have been hiding from, which evidently ended up being myself. Sandra helped me face myself and truly look at ME. 10 years later, I have a great relationship with myself, I am embarking on a new career venture, have severed all toxic connections, and my relationships with those I love about have flourished. While the self-journey is never done, the tools that Sandy has provided me in my life are irreplaceable. You need this woman’s energy and honesty in your life, she is the most beautiful soul you will encounter if you’re lucky!

-Megan Hauck 

I met Sandra back in 2013 when I was in school for cosmetology. Her guidance, constructive feedback and words of encouragement have trained me to not be afraid to step out of my comfort zone. This has allowed me to grow in my Makeup Career and to take ownership of my success. I appreciate her continued willingness to share her skills, knowledge and expertise with me. She will always inspire me to learn and grow.

-Mylynn Lam - Sephora (Private Makeup - Weddings) 

An astrology/numerology reading with Sandra is a must! The depth she goes into using her intuition makes for such a personal, magical session. I have a greater understanding of myself and journey, also what changes I need to make in regard to my own healing practice. I'm thankful to have crossed paths with such a gifted soul. Thank you for all you do Sandra!! 

-Mystic Moon Healing

It has been a true pleasure to work and connect with Sandra Moren. Sandra has an incredible capability to see people for who they truly are- as both a teacher and an author she assists them to tap into their uniqueness and become better by doing so. Sandra has an innate ability to share knowledge and experiences through stories and experiences which motivate and initiate a sense of accomplishment and ownership over one’s work and life that are always inspiring to all she draws to her.

-Jodi-Lee Silliker- Nordquist

"Sandra Moren is a mentor and guide that I really look up to. She recognized a drive and talent in me early on and pushed me to work to my full potential, which later led to many successes in my working career. Through her coaching and support I was able to go on to lead a very successful career and have always been put in leadership roles, something I never thought I'd be capable of before. Her strengths lie in providing each person she meets with a positive energy and passing on her incredible life experiences and talents. I am forever grateful I got to meet and learn from such an incredible woman."

-Shayla Jorquera-Calgary

Sandra Moren - There are so many wonderful things about this woman I could say! She made my hairstyling journey an experience like no other, as a teacher her passion for the industry is so strong, she has a eye for detail and can recognize the talent in her students. She affected my life in so many positive ways she always knew there was something in me and never let me forget it! She always believed in my talent and wanted nothing but the best for me and that’s something I’ll never forget. Her strengths go above and beyond her passion for the hair industry she is always keeping up with the latest trends always learning herself and always finding new ways to better her students. I couldn’t imagine having a better teacher I will forever be grateful for her and what she has done for my career. No words can explain the gratitude I have for this amazing human being I would recommend anyone to take a seminar from her you won’t be disappointed! Thank you for everything you’ve done not just for me but the whole hair industry.  

-Ian Patrick Owner Twisted Shears Hair Design - Calgary

I have known Sandra for many years as a friend, co-worker, and extremely insightful person. She radiates so much energy in all her endeavors- stylist, teacher, metaphysical and life in general. She undertakes every new thing with passion in any field. To know her is to love her. She has an uncanny ability to read people in a very short time frame. She will succeed at anything that piques her interest. An unbelievable individual, indeed.

-John Horn

Sandra Moren was an amazing influence in an extremely formative part of my hairdressing career. Her wise yet eccentric personality was constantly reflected in her teaching methods. She instilled a deep foundational understanding of fashion, and elements of line and design in all her students. Her ken eye and ability to see the best in and push her students helped to create a huge group of extremely talented hairdressers in Calgary. I’m extremely grateful to have had her as a mentor!

-Jonah Bayley Barbella Hair Saloon – Vancouver

Sandra Moren was one of my Hair instructors in High school. I never knew that she would also become the second most important mentor in my life! I had always had a passion for hair but didn’t think much of it, she made my passion into a career that I love so much. She taught me the importance of work ethic, learning how to understand constructive criticism, and knowing your self worth! I will forever be grateful that she was apart of my life.

-Stacey Sojer Salon Entrenous – Toronto

Sandra Moren is one of the most important influences I have had in my career as a hairstylist. She not only taught me how to create a beautiful haircut but how to be strong, build relationships with my clients and advance my career.

-Claire Goodwin Diva Salon and Spa - Calgary

Sandra Moren is a role model of mine. While she worked with me, she showed me discipline, determination, and most importantly, PASSION. I wouldn’t have the skills and confidence to do what I do today without her! 

-Zunny Suderman    ZunnyHair - Calgary

I strongly recommend Game Changer, as it was a very helpful tool to learn how to move forward after relationship breakdown. I found it helped me not only to learn more about myself, but also to look deeper into my role in a relationship. I found the exercises very detailed and gave a true sense of how you view yourself. I embrace the strength I unlocked and continue to build rebuild myself after years of damage. This book not only helps with your inner self, it brings to light the importance of opening up yourself to be accepting and excited about new beginnings.

-Trish Wutch

This book is a great resource many good exercises and clear stories and examples..It covers so many topics that need to be discussed with clear instructions of how to navigate these issues......I would recommend getting the hard copy or paper back so you could make copies of the questions so as a couple can answer them easier..

-Diana J. Bonnici 

My partner and I have thoroughly enjoyed the exercises provided in the book Game Changer. The style of the authors lead one down a literary path of enlightenment. That enlightenment comes in the form of the introduction of oneself to oneself, through self assessment. As the book progresses the supportive guidance provided help to examine one’s relationship with the partner. That partnership quickly becomes evident.This book has engaged us cerebrally and to a lesser extent the emotional side of our brains.

-Brad Geek

“Game Changer was an excellent! Great exercises that showed me how to be more mindful and conscious of my choices and my life, which in turn helped me to focus on my partner and what he needs from me”.
-Shayla Marie Jorquera 

“I really enjoyed reading Game Changer. I LOVE the idea of contracts and reassessing them regularly. I loved all the exercises; as it really helps to have clear questions to discuss with each other. If I can’t talk about these things with the Person I Am with, there isn’t much hope for a strong foundation in communication or trust. It takes effort to build a beautiful relationship, just like a job or anything else that we desire in life. Thank You for sharing Your Wisdom.” 

-Mishah Nicoli

Sandra genuinely cares for each person she encounters. She is very wise and has shared much of her knowledge through her new book called "Game Changer" we highly recommend the services Sandra offers and encourage everyone to get a copy of "Game Changer' either for yourself or for someone you know who needs solid advice for self discovery and help in finding the partner that is fit for a lifetime.

-Ken and Lesley Donaldson ( YouTube: ITR Polygraph)

I love this book.  It addresses key issues that all of us need to explore.  Self-exploration and self-actualization are key elements in one's quest to find real, authentic love.  When used properly, the contents of this book can help anyone to reach those two critical goals.

-Dr. D. (Ivan) Young (

Game Changer, we found to be a positive, inspirational and thought provoking self-discovery relationship model for everyone of all ages.  It brings clarity and truth which could be taught in high school.

- ITR Polygraph

This is a wonderful book for anyone navigating through life at a difficult time.  The insights Sandra & Michael have displayed is second to none. Reading through the pages is a realization we need to be supportive of ourselves and others.

-Dorothy Briggs (

I don't know what I'd do without my astrologer Sandra Alexcae Moren. I have been going to her for updates wondering what the heck is going on in the ethers! It feels like things have been ultra intense lately with a lot of "confusion, instability and people dealing with things from their past". Turns out it's all on schedule and today with the full moon is the day we can release this. I recommend reading her write up on what is going on in the stars to help you through this intense time.

-Nicole Powell

I have done business with sandy for over a decade, respect, tust, and love her. Amazing women! ​

-Kooter Couture


Sandra is passionate, determined and gifted. She has so much to offer anyone seeking her services.

-Consult the Sky with Tracy Q


Sandra is an 'essential' for all who are looking at a resurrection of life, career, pattern or pathway. She will kick your 'self' or your business into the next stratosphere with her amazing ability to infuse you with energy, trust of self, no nonsense advice/knowledge based on her years of experience/education in business and energy work.

-Lisa Anne Bourke- Schulte, Dosie Dotes & Greens

She helped me through a very difficult time when my youngest son was going through turbulent time at age 16. She gave me astrological charts to prepare for each day for a year. She is very insightful, kind and knowledgeable. Highly recommend her!!
-Gord Ariza of GIA Physical Therapy & Acupuncture Ltd. 


Where can I start, you are my inspiration-woman Ms. M! You have always been there for genuine and true advice, honest wisdom and a big hug. Thank you teaching me how to handle myself… I cannot thank you enough for making me realize every part of me mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually are okay and beautiful, no matter what anyone says.

You showed me how to be myself and that I can overcome anything. You also showed me passion is the key to life. I look up to you and I will never forget you because you have definitely left your mark on me. You have shown me what to expect on my journey of life. You are more than a beautiful person because every part of you is just amazing!

I am forever grateful Sandra Alexcae; the girl in you that you found in me!

That was a card I wrote to Sandra in my grade 12 year of high school. I wouldn't change a word of it today. Each and everything stands to this day. As a Cosmetology teacher she opened my eyes to the beauty industry, which has shaped me to who I am today. Sandra affected me more emotionally though as I mentioned in the card, she once told me she seen herself in me, and I look up to her so much and see her as such a strong inspiring woman, for her to say that to me... was one of the greatest compliments I've ever received.  She taught me that being a free spirit is gift; once you learn to control our energy. She did my charts and always called me Scorpio, we had long talks……about a lot of things, different ideologies, astrology/ numerology, and of course beauty. Looking back writing this testimonial brings back wonderful memories, Sandra is and always will be a teacher, friend, astrologist and mentor I keep very close to my heart. It is truly a gift and I am blessed to have you in my life. Thanks Sandra.

-Karlee Brown

At 32 I was faced with the loss of my mother and my husband, left with a huge financial and emotional burden I had to find a way to survive and take care of my children

For a number of years of being in survival mode wore me down, and then a friend of mine introduced me to Sandra Alexcae, this was the start to a whole new life for me.

Sandra Alexcae did a very extensive reading for me both astrology and numerology, she had pinpointed with amazing accuracy the events of my life as well pointed me in what became a very successful direction that has taken me since 1985 on to be a successful business woman, able to turn my financial and emotional life completely around. I was able to be the strength my children needed and provide for them in a way I would never have imagined possible.

Revelations of spiritual awakening was a large part of where this journey lead, by heeding the signs and trusting that the spirit of what Sandra Alexcae had revealed to me was to be trusted and followed. Sandra Alexcae is a gifted spirit and can open the door to your own enlightenment, what a person does with it is entirely an individual journey all she can do is create the awareness and then it is up to each person to travel the journey.

With gratitude I continue to be thankful and seek guidance when I feel I am at a cross roads which I need help determining the direction I need to take.

Thank you Sandra Alexcae for continuing doing the work that you were gifted with;

-Stefania Anderson

My Alexcae, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help and support you gave me during some challenging times in my life some years ago. I appreciated you insight, authenticity, sensitivity, and the encouragement you gave me that truly changed my life.

I will probably never encounter such a spiritual teacher as interesting and powerful as you-you truly lite up my life and taught me to light up my own. 
Your friend!

-Lina Saglinona

Sandra, your energy and your way of thinking has set my mind on a more realistic way of thinking, maybe even more from the heart. You have been so inspirational-you are a diamond in the rough. I love the changes in me and my life.

-Kirsten Ila 

Sandra Alexcae, you are a unique flower in a field bursting with loveliness and energy. In your quiet moments always remember you brought sunlight into my day and life with your presence. Thank you for the spiritual guidance.


I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have you come into my life. Your inspiration and intuition has assisted me and the power of me. I guess I always did, but needed your encouragement in discovering myself. May your treasure map come true.


Many thanks, Alexcae for inspiring me to follow my destiny and trust in myself and wherever the Universe leads me. You assisted in helping me understand about myself and my life cycles, and that there came a time in my life when I realized that I if I stood still I would remain forever stuck. My life has totally changed at this point. And I will always remember your wisdom, insight and inspiration.


My special lady, you have helped to grow and see myself and life with more clarity. You are like a star dancing in the heavens and shining your light on everyone. Your inspiration and encouragement have been the foundation to all the blessings in my life.

-Judy Binder 

You came highly recommended by a friend and you are a lady I will always respect. Your intuition, insight and high energy was so delightful in my sessions. My life has completely shifted and I will never forget your inspiration.

-Amy Ma

Words cannot say what you have done for me; I now have a whole new life through discovering my authentic self and honoring it. Being conscious of my personal cycles has become a way of life for me. Blessings!


Your insight, acceptance and sharing have changed me for the rest of my life; nothing looks the same to me anymore. I feel a great sense of peace and my life has really improved.


Alexcae, thanks for brightening my world! I will never forget our sessions and just want to let you know I have a great life; very different from when I had the sessions. Doors just seemed to open for me and I will always be grateful.


You showed me things I was to blind to see –you helped me understand myself and open up-to give it my best shot, because there may never be a tomorrow. I discovered myself, live with Spirit and in the present, appreciating every day.

-Joanna Lurkin

Just want you to know, Sandra Alexcae; that you really made such a difference in my life ……you made me look at things differently, made me look at myself differently and you really opened my eyes to different perspectives on life. 
I am so glad I got a chance to know you, understand you and have you as a friend. You are such a dynamic and unique individual and you just light up and inspire people. Thanks for all your guidance, support and understanding. Your friend

-Jen McBain

My dear Sandra Alexcae,
You came into my life at a crazy age of 16 and now...many, many years later, you're still in my life helping me along the way. You always gave me insight and you let me make my own decisions. You took me out of the dark and into the lights of dreams and possibilities and also guide me through the hard times and always encourage me and inspire me. Like you always say, “what". If you only knew the impact and affect you have on me; one of my goals is to pass on what I have learned from you to others who need someone special to come into their lives. It seem harder to find real people and I'm glad I have you...always 

-Jen Kent

Alexae is a world class soul sister! Able to leap tall buildings in single mind! Incredible, eclectic, mindful, warm, endearing, steadfast, intuitive…just a few of the words to describe this amazing gal. Exquisitely Knowledgeable in the arena of numerology and astrology, able to deliver a complicated subject in a unintimidating and understandable way. Very enlightening!

-Peggy Sue Ruelke. RN, Cosmetologist, Photographer

Sandra affirms those deep instincts that most people don’t listen to......and should. The reading she gave me was extensive and made me understand why I do things the way I do. The exercises she gave me WORK and all I can say is WOW! If you are making a life changing decision or stuck in a place you don’t want to be anymore, call Sandra and book an appointment – you will be amazed! Your path, in life, will be re-directed and for the better. Sandra is gifted, she ‘knows’ things and has inspired me to a greater level. I would like to ‘carry’ her with me everywhere I go and feel very lucky to know her.



Sandra helped me get out of a ‘rut’; a dead end. She re- awakened my inner ‘spirit’ and ‘shifted’ the direction I was going toward. Sandra inspired me to change certain mannerisms – I did – and ‘things’ just started to change for me. 
I feel stimulated; I deserve good things in my life and I am getting them! Schedule a Transformation Session with Sandra – best thing you can do for yourself!


Asokan Project is an Alberta-based not-for-profit Aboriginal organization involved in culturally-focused youth programming and post-secondary business training at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Our post-secondary business programs cater specifically to a female Aboriginal clientele. Since our inception in 1991, Sandra has been an invaluable, contributing member of our organization, serving as an instructor in our business program and regularly sitting on student selection committees. Her various roles within our organization have involved creating and delivering a wide variety of workshops and seminars that contribute to enhanced personal wellness for female Aboriginal students. To date, Sandra has taught over 350 of Asokan Project’s students in fifteen program deliveries.

Sandra’s enthusiasm for life, her genuine caring, and her wealth of personal and professional experience are the attributes most enduring from the perspective of our students. Sandra’s combination of public school teaching experience and significant, practical business knowledge make her ideally suited for instructing in our post-secondary programs. In striving to set the bar high for our students, it becomes necessary to ensure that instructors are willing and able to function at that same level. In Sandra’s case, she sets an example for all of us. Rare is the chance to work with someone in the business world who values morals and ethics as much as they do profit. Sandra is living proof that these things can co-exist. As a culturally-sensitive instructor, over the years we have found Sandra both willing and able to adapt her teaching methods to serve our particular Aboriginal clientele. All of this while continuing to hold the bar high. It is really the best of both worlds for our students.

-Tracy L. Friedel, B.Comm., M.Ed.

Sandra is a wonderful person and an excellent spa consultant who assisted me on the necessary steps to set up my spa. Her high energy, time efficiency and visionary ability to see the whole project were incredible. Traveling to the location, she viewed the property and building and gave me ideas on the architectural drawings and met with my general contactor. She worked with me on putting the business plan together and met with my accountant. We decided upon and created the initial services/treatments for the menu/brochure.

Sandra has kept in touch and if I have any questions, she is always there for me to discuss different things as the industry is always evolving.
-Cindy Fonda

Sandra's talent and structure is what we based our business on. This is our third year in business and we have become one of Edmonton's best Spa and Hair Salon's because of the team that structured this concept under Sandra's guidance and supervision. Sandra is very innovative and creative when designing treatments/services for brochures/menus that are instrumental in branding a business and inspiring staff. We thank you again and wish you the best and all the success in the future. I highly recommend Sandra as a consultant for all spa projects.

-Fadi Moukhaiber

It is a pleasure to tell you more about Sandra Moren. She came highly recommended to us from a friend who is also in the Spa Industry. I have really enjoyed working with Sandra for the planning, development and opening of our lovely Spa in our hotels.

Sandra's expertise, practical and realistic knowledge helped us pull the Spa project together. She worked directly with the architect and designer, co-ordinate contractors, helped us source out equipment and products and created a lovely menu/brochure for our Spa.

I would highly recommend Sandra and Richard from Holistic Spa Consulting to anyone wishing to develop a spa in their market. She will bring lots of knowledge, expertise, and passion to the whole project.

-Karima Suleman

If your aim is to create a first class spa then you'll need Sandra Alexcae Moren...a first class spa consultant! Her knowledge, experience and wisdom make a sometimes tedious process of "creating from ground floor" an inspirational and doable process. If you trust and allow, she'll guide you from a concept to actualization of your dream. Sandra's' books are by far the best and easiest to understand in the genre of spa consulting. Sandra makes creating a spa fun. Although this is not a necessity for a consultant, it is a definite plus!

-Rhonda Anderson

We hired Sandra Alexcae for designing our dream spa for the International Academy of Aesthetics. We are more than pleased with the creation of our dream spa. Sandra worked with our architect on the floor plan and she created a wow effect with her design and décor ideas. She also assisted with the restructuring and design of our brochure/menu. Not only did she meet our budget, she went out of her way to save us money and to create the beautiful look we desired.
Anyone who hires her will be more than pleased, just like us!
-Fari and Mehdi
I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Sandra Alexcae for over 10 years. As the co-coordinator of the project, she hired me and my models for a 2-month showing of Canadian Fashion Designers in China while I had an agency in Canada.
While residing in Hawaii and since then visiting, Sandra Alexcae has assisted me with many projects, designing and facilitating workshops and business consulting. She is a dynamic and highly creative woman who is totally focused when working on a project. Her ability to build relationships and her understanding of the importance of small details and innovative ideas on marketing strategies are unsurpassed. Her clarity, perception and vision when it comes to business are uncanny! Sandra brings a lot to any project as a consultant.
-Swan Elliott
I am a registered nurse who owns a medi-spa. While I was attending an Esthetic Show in Philadelphia I decided to attend a seminar by Sandra as I was intrigued by the word Alchemy in her book title. After listening to her lecture for a few minutes I knew that the information she was sharing was exactly what I needed.
At the end of her seminar she mentioned her book, Spa & Salon Alchemy: The Ultimate Guide to Spa & Salon Ownership and everyone ran to purchase their copy. After purchasing and reading the book I called Sandra and asked her to come to Philadelphia and assist me with my project. As a consultant, she is 100% focused on the client needs and works endlessly to accomplish as many goals as possible within the allotted time contracted. She exudes integrity, wisdom and kindness. It is obvious that her years of experience in the industry make her more efficient and genuine. I would recommend Sandra to anyone who wants to start their business on a solid base. I consider Sandra a friend, which is hard to find in this industry.
-Donna Palmer R.N., CLS
I have known Sandra for many years and have had the opportunity to work on many projects with her. Sandra has an incredible ability to inspire and motivate students and everyone around her.

She has the skill and talent to look at something or someone and assist individuals’ on getting on the right path and doing the required steps for success.

Things happen and get done very fast when Sandra is around.
-Marg Freidel
Sandra's inspiration comes from her passion for the spa and salon industry. Her knowledge of the industry, straight forward attitude and commitment of staying ten steps ahead are major attributes to why I consider her a leading spa consultant. I am most impressed by Sandra's unwavering dedication to the projects she takes on...just ensure that you can keep up!
-Moe Rahall
Sandra is a highly charismatic individual who shares her knowledge and expertise. Her contribution to my business has been integral to our continuing success. Without reservation, I highly recommend Sandra to anyone who is in need of a dynamic, knowledgeable and professional consultant to assist in spa creation and development.
-Hasoon Rahal

I have never been asked to write a testimonial before. This could be because my reputation as a straight shooter scares some people away. However, when asked if I would write one for Sandra Moren, I had no reservations in doing so.

Sandra was my high school cosmetology teacher 20 years ago and even back then she inspired me with her zest for life.

Sandra is creative, resourceful and spiritual. More than that she has been a loyal and supportive friend. Her help and advice when starting my own very successful hair salon was invaluable.

No matter what Sandra’s next endeavor is, one thing for certain is that she will succeed. It is my pleasure to be associated with Sandra all of these years.

-Kent Wong

From my personal experience of working with Ms. Moren I can attest to her numerous talents. Sandra is the hardest working person I have had the privilege of teaming together with. She is creative, intelligent and an inspiration to all those who have had a chance to participate in a project with her. Sandra’s problem solving skills and her ability to see a prospective challenge before it occurs are second to none. Her knowledge of the spa industry in Canada and around the world is well-rounded and well researched.


In my experiences working with Sandra there is absolutely no facet of the spa industry she has not dealt with. With her intelligence, creativity and amazing understanding of commerce she is an incredible asset as a spa consultant.

-Tracy Quinlan

I have enjoyed working with Sandra on several spa consulting projects. She is able to develop practical plans for spa development and then assist with the implementation of that plan to open on schedule. Her practical approach not only saves time and money, but allows a new spa to reach a profitable level of operations more quickly.

-Richard Eidson

Sandra has made a very big impact on my life, I could actually say she is the reason “I am who and what I am now!”

I listened as she guided me and I followed her recommended steps to realize my dream. Rain Salon and Spa made over 1.5 million dollars the first year! Sandra recognized my innate talents as an individual and as an entrepreneur. She inspired me to create my dreams. Through her guidance I became very confident, extremely good at reading people which has assisted me with my staff and clientele.

Sandra and I brainstorm about business strategies and creative ideas for keeping abreast in the industry and introducing innovative and edgy treatments/services and marketing ideas. Working with Sandra has been quite an experience; therefore you will never forget her once you hire her for your project.

-Ali Kassab

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