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Spa Consulting

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Published Author, Professional Speaker, Spa Consultant. Well-
regarded in the Salon/Spa, Fashion and Beauty Industry with articles
published in Spa/Salon magazines.

Excited as I Just got back from an ESTHETICS SPA SHOW (November
2023 in Calgary) and was so impressed with the new technology with
equipment and products, I decided to offer services again.

I will work with YOU, the owner, and SPECIFIC companies who I will
source out and KNOW have the top lines in Skin Care/Body Care Spa
Lines – New Skin & Body Machines Technology. Most important are
the COMPANY EDUCATORS/SUPPORT to ensure your staff KNOW
how to “USE” everything (machines/products) and KNOW how to
recommend and SELL the services and home care products

I will work with YOU if you want to have a new “FACE LIFT” for the
Salon/Spa. I have worked with architects and contractors, sourcing
out furniture and artistic pieces to finish the space.

I will work with your staff on creating a year’s marketing plan
including services and “write ups’ to be used in sales campaigns.
I will work with your staff to inspire them to “keep focused on
providing services to make the client happy”; “clients can be rose

bushes with thorns and or peonies who just need to be trimmed and

I will work with your staff to analyze existing business operations and
implement strategies to increase pro
ductivity and profitability.

I look forward to inquiries: call 403-702-1664 or

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Some of her published works (photos) included on the front page of the






Ensure you check under sections for more information on Sandra Alexcae

CHECK UNDER THE SECTIONS Articles & Videos (Spa Canada Articles)

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS – Photo Section (bottom)
ABA Calgary Alberta Canada
2002 – From Salon to Spa
The International Congress of Esthetics Philadelphia
2005 Business Systems to Increase Profit
International Esthetics, Cosmetics &
 Spa Conference Orlando Florida
2005 Business Systems to Increase Profit


TESTIMONIALS – for Spa Projects

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