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According to the Divine Concept, we exist within a field of consciousness of pure energy and Light.

YOU are a unique and beautiful light and I am your messenger to assist you in your Soul evolution, raising your frequency, activating your Energy Signature to discover your purpose, fulfillment and have your life expand to it’s full potential.

YOU can discover the patterns that hold you back, and the cycles and seasons which allow you to tune into for the best chance of succeeding in all areas of life. When you embrace rather than resist Universal Cycles, Personal Cycles and Seasons, your life starts to have forward momentum and you have Divine support working with Spirit, rather than EGO. Life is all about Change and Transformation, not about feeling stuck with no energy and passion for life! Intuitive Astrology and Numerology are Tools of Ancient Wisdom to assist you in becoming more conscious and mindful of your spiritual Journey. I create "a sacred space" for you when we are in session.

  • Awakening allows you to find your Purpose and Meaning in Life

  • Invest in YOU - embody your Value & Worth 

  • Why AM I here

  • Past lives – Who, What and Why

  • Relationship challenges

  • How to raise your Vibration/Frequency and Attract your Intentions into your life

  • Life after retirement

In the spiritual world your body is compared to your “vehicle” and you know how you need to maintain the vehicle with gas, check the oil, service it regularly, keep the tires full of air and good tread to ensure it runs smoothly; check out the “Boot Camp Coaching”. I highly recommend a special reading/session for YOU and any LOVED ones as their GIFT for birthday’s and what the New Cycle is about. 


  -Spa/Salon consultancy - fee based on specific needs/project 

  -Tapas reading (fun one to get the feel): ½ hour is $60.00

  1 - Hour reading: $150.00

  2 - Hour Intense/in depth reading: $250.00

  3 - Past Life $200.00

  4 - Monthly Boot Camp Coaching (3 month minimum commitment ) to keep you focused and ensure you are committed to this journey: ½ hour each month $60.00

Home/Business Parties: fun times, minimum 10 guests per session ($60.00 each) and the host gets a gift reading worth $200.00 to use for self or as a gift. Inquire, fun times and booking now for special occasions. 

You can experience Zoom sessions, audio recordings 

Consider subscribing to the You Tube GameChangerGameOn as videos will be on segments from the book Game Changer, interviewing different people, suggestions on “how to use” spiritual tools and doing some fun videos. I will be teaching classes via Zoom (astrology, numerology) in 2020


I am very excited to announce that I have a number of practitioners who I work closely with to meet the varied needs of my clients. We have decided to integrate our gifts for a holistic approach to your Self-Discovery.

 Matthew Ashdown is a coach/facilitator working with the Gene Keys, a contemplative process that helps you understand the nature of your shadow and the gifts that emerge from them. With his intuitive insights and holding safe space you can move through the challenges in your life with more grace and ease.

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