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       Some Questions for you to personally ponder and reflect upon as you check out the services

1.     How is your life working for you?

2.     How do you nourish your Soul and rekindle your Spirit?

3.     Do you have a clear sense of direction in all areas of your life?

4.     Are you at a crossroads in your life?

5.     Are you restless and uncertain of your future?

6.     Are you able to manifest love and money?

7.     How do you define your value and worth?

8.     Do you truly love Self| do you feel empowered?

I use a combination of computer- generated reports and my own personally created templates for the Astrology and Numerology Profiles

Services/Sessions Private consultations via phone, Skype, or voice recorder:

  • Astrology Natal or Birth Chart: an energy blueprint of YOU at the moment of your birth emergence and what YOUR SOUL is attempting to express while on earth.

  • Astrology or Natal Birth Chart for children (all ages) how to successfully guide them and what qualities, characteristics and gifts do they have that may assist in career choices for them. Great as Gifts!

  • Numerology- Sacred Energy Code Profile: a practical method of understanding your own deeper nature, talents, purpose and hidden characteristics. You get guidance on the specific cycle you are experiencing.

  • Natal Nodal and Past Life Experiences- finding your Spiritual Compass and Soul Purpose

  • Prenatal Solar and Lunar Eclipses- Past Life Contracts

  • Progressed Chart: your personal evolution and maturity at as particular  time

  • Transit Chart: a predictive tool to see where your planets are in your chart and how they are affecting you

  • Solar Chart: happens within a day every year of your birthday- explains who you are now and what is happening right now as far as opportunities and pitfalls for the year. GIFT yourself every year and it is a perfect birthday present for those you love!

  • Intimate Group Parties  - Remote Home Parties - inquire

  • Retreats and Workshops – inquire

  • Spiritual Coaching Sessions as Follow-up- inquire


Private Consultations:

  • If you would like a chart consultation, please contact Sandra Alexcae with your birth data.

  • Accurate Birth data- Full name on birth certificate, day, month and year of birth, exact time of birth and location of birth.

  • Check out our contact page

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